ROKO Agar®se AP STD for standard nucleic acids electrophoresis

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ROKOAGARose AP STD for electrophoresis of nucleic acids  is a free flowing powder, off white to yellowish, based on highly purified Agar 100% from carefully selected Gelidium sp seaweeds. It is used as a Gelling Agent in special solid culture media for Microbiology and applications where the mineral contents needs to be under strict control.


Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) electrophoresis, immunoseparations,


  • Gel strength (Nikkan): >950 g/cm2
  • Low setting temperature (34-36° C/ 93.2-96.8° F)
  • Reduced ash levels and very low ion contents.
  • High clarity gel which makes it suitable for use in special microbiological applications, immunological and electrophoresis studies.
  • The homogeneous quality from batch to batch makesit an adequate source for those experiments and assays where a high repeatability is required.
  • Free of toxic inhibitors, pigments and minimal levels of salts.
  • In biochemistry it is used for immune-diffusion assays in serological analysis. Its high clarity allows the correctdetection of precipitates and the high gel strength enables the use of very low concentration of Agar. It’s also used for electrophoretic separations due to its low electroendosmosis (EEO).