Peptide libraries are a powerful tool in biological research for screening large numbers of peptides in the search for the few, critical bioactive peptides. We have many years experience in designing and synthesizing custom peptide libraries. In 2013, introduced the most advanced peptide library synthesizer-The OvertureTM Robotic Library Peptide Synthesizer. The Overture™ will automatically assign reaction vessel positions for each peptide in a library.
The design tools below will guide you through the steps of isolating minimum length active peptide sequences, identifying critical amino acid residues, designing analogs for sequence optimization.
Peptide Library Design Tools

Alanine Scan
Combinatorial 2-Positional Scan
Combinatorial 3-Positional Scan
Postional Scan
T-cell Truncated

Peptide Library Pricing
Peptide libraries are synthesized by Novazym’ advanced peptide library synthesizers and are typically supplied at the 1 to 4 mg scale for fast, efficient screening work.  Novazym’ proprietary process transforms unpurified "crude" peptide libraries, into fully-purified peptides that have all been prepared to minimum 70%, 80%, 90% or 95% purity by reverse-phase HPLC, regardless of initial “as synthesized” purity. Indicative peptide library pricing (per peptide) for standard endings and up to 20 amino acids. "As synthesized" libraries are provided at 1 to 3 mg scale. Purified peptide libraries provided at 1 to 4 mg scale.

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