A powerful aspect of synthetic peptides is the ability to create peptides with the exact conformation or characteristics needed for a given application through the addition of modifications. Peptides in general and specific amino acids have distinct moieties that are amenable to modification, including:

N-terminal amino group
C-terminal carboxy group
ε-Amino group on lysine
Hydroxyl group on serine, threonine and tyrosine
Guanidine group on arginine
Thiol group on cysteine
Carboxyl group on D and E

We offer more than 500 N- and C-terminal and internal peptide modifications to give you the custom peptides that you need to propel your research forward. The following table separates modifications based on type to help you quickly determine which modification will best suit your needs. The table below separates the available modifications by type and provides the name, abbreviations, and location (N- or C-terminal or internal) to help you determine the best modification when ordering custom peptides.

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