Why work With Us?

The company was founded in late 2003 as a company which in the initial stage of development was involved in the production of antibodies. Our mission is to provide high-quality, easy-to-use and economical rapid on-site test systems for livestock and small animals, thereby contributing to animal health in polish market.

We Are The Specialist for rapid on-site diagnostics

Novazym Polska is a Polish company based in west Poland that develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic tests. We manufacture a wide range of rapid test systems for small and livestock animals in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Discover Your Possibilities

We offer you diagnostic options, so you can make a fast, accurate diagnosis every time.
Choose from panels for early detection.

When Time and Convenience count twice

Our straightforward on-site tests assist you in your daily practice by providing reliable test results within minutes.

Excellent Quality Control

The quality of our rapid test systems is our top priority. We strive to improve these systems on a continual basis by drawing on current research and technological advances. In the interests of raising standards at Novazym, we also maintain good relations with our suppliers and run the company in accordance with a well-organised quality management system.

VetNova Bodiatec

Simple procedure, few minutes to result

1.Test procedure when material is picked up in a liquid form

2.Test procedure for sample collection in solid form

Bodiatec opakowanie MALE

Worldwide Shipment

Reliable and international shipment of your parcels with different transport companies. Whether it be large or small parcels, we offers the right solutions for your dispatch to over 220 countries and territories. You can use your courier. Full flexibility.