Dairy Milk Test Kits for antibiotic residues, mycotoxins and adulteration: Dairy milk quality is of great importance for consumers around the world. Most countries have now established maximum residue levels/limits (MRL) for contaminants like antibiotics, mycotoxins and illegal additives

Antibiotic Residue Test Kits available for detection in raw milk:

  1. NovaSensor Beta-Lactams Rapid Test
  2. NovaSensor Tetracyclines Rapid Test
  3. NovaSensor Sulfonamides Rapid Test
  4. NovaSensor Chloramphenicol Rapid Test
  5. NovaSensor Lincomycin Rapid Test
  6. NovaSensor Fluoroquinolones Rapid Test
  7. NovaSensor Neomycin Rapid Test
  8. NovaSensor Gentamicin Rapid Test
  9. NovaSensor Tylosin Rapid Test
  10. NovaSensor Streptomycin Rapid Test
  11. NovaSensor Macrolides Rapid Test
  12. NovaSensor Aminoglycosides Rapid Test, Gentamicin/Neomycin/Kanamycin/Streptomycin QuaTest
  13. NovaSensor Beta-Lactams+Tetracyclines Rapid Test, BT Combo
  14. NovaSensor Beta-Lactams+Cefalexin Rapid Test, BCex Combo
  15. NovaSensor Beta/Tetra/AflaM1 Rapid Test, BTM1 TriTest
  16. NovaSensor Beta/Tetra/Sulfa Rapid Test, BTS TriTest
  17. NovaSensor Beta/Tetra/Macrolides Rapid Test, BTM TriTest
  18. NovaSensor Beta/Tetra/Cex Rapid Test, BTCex TriTest
  19. NovaSensor Beta/Tetra/CAP/Strep Rapid Test, BTCS QuaTest
  20. NovaSensor Linco/Quino/Tylo Rapid Test, LQT TriTest
  21. NovaSensor Quino/Macro/Linco/Erythro Rapid Test, QMLE QuaTest

soon available adulteration kits

Bovine Milk from sheep/goat milk Rapid Test


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