BIOER leading company in qPCR, PCR technology

After more than 10 years of development, Bioer’s products have covered the United States, Germany, Canada, Finland, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and other more than 100 countries and regions in the world. According to a number of international consulting firm survey, Bioer has become the world’s leading supplier of PCR products and gene detection of life science instrument production base, sales performance has been in the forefront of the market for many years.

Bioer has strong semiconductor refrigerator (Peltier) design ability and skilled manufacturing background. With custmoized high-quality long-life semiconductor refrigerator which is the core component of gene amplification instrument, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, dry bath, water bath and the PCR related applications, durability of Bioer’s products are better than others.

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  • GeneExplorer Thermal Cycler

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    GeneExplorer thermal cycler is a PCR of multiple functions and applications. The product is applicable to polymerase chain reaction in fields including immunology, human genome engineering, forensic pathology, oncology, organization and population biology, paleontology, zoology and botany.

  • GenePure-PLUS Nucleic-Acid-Purification

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    GenePure-Plus Nucleic-Acid-Purification uses the magnetic separation technology, select the corresponding kit can automatically from various samples, such as purification of high purity nucleic acid separation of blood, tissues and cells, the whole structure of the instrument design.

  • GenePure-Pro Nucleic-Acid-Purification

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    New generation of automatic nucleic acid purification system with cutting-edge technology and family-style appearance developed by Bioer. It adopts MB separation technology and uses 96 well deep well plate as test carrier to realize automatic high-throughput and high-purity extraction and purification of DNA/RNA.

  • Nucleic-Acid-Extractor GenePure Pro 96

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    Nucleic-Acid-Extractor GenePure Pro 96 is characterized by small dimension, light weight and low noise, which can realize full-closed working. The embedded operation system can do real-time controlling with large crystal screen panel, it really realize the easy operation function.

  • Real-Time PCR LineGene 9600-Plus

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    Real-Time PCR LineGene 9600-Plus has up to 96 sample capacity and fast speed of dual-color scanning, and the design of 5 channel detection also covers the whole fluorescence detection wavelength.

  • Real-Time PCR LineGene K-Plus

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    Real-Time PCR LineGene K-Plus has a faster heating and cooling rate, better temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity and the machine stability with the specially-made Peltier by Ferrotec, advanced optical fiber technology and the bottom detection patent mode.

  • Real-Time PCR LineGene-Mini

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    LineGene-Mini – portable fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument developed by the Bioer company to deal with diversified and complex environment. This product adopts the small capacity design of 16 single-tube , and can be used for battery power supply.

  • Real-Time PCR QuantGene 9600

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    Real-Time QuantGene 9600 is characterized by mature thermoelectric refrigeration technology, brand-new light source and light path design, power and 6-zone independent temperature control method, more rapid, correct and stable fluorescence quantitative analysis of the product, while maintaining its excellent performance in low energy consumption.