Novazym Egg panel tests

Novazym Egg panel tests

New rapid tools for detection antibiotics in eggs. Availbe both visual and semi-automatic detection.


New rapid tools for detection antibiotics in eggs. The list of available tests:

Product #TypeTestDescriptionPackage format
NOZ10Egg TestSingleCefalosporins Rapid Test96T
NOZ18Egg TestSingleCefalexin Rapid Test96T
NOZ36Egg TestComboBeta/Tetra Combo Test96T
NOZ41Egg TestSingleSulfonamides Rapid Test Kit96T
NOZ52Egg TestSingleFluoroquionlones Rapid Test96T
NOZ74Egg TestSingleChloramphenicol Rapid Test Kit96T
NOZ77Egg TestSingleFlorfenicol Rapid Test Kit96T
NOZ79Egg TestComboChloramphenicol Drugs(CAP/TP/FF) Combo Test96T
NOZ92Egg TestQuaTestNitrofuran Metabloite (SEM/AHD/AOZ/AMOZ) QuaTest96T
NOZ07Egg TestSingleNitroimidazoles Rapid Test96T
NOZ21Egg TestComboFlorfenicol/Quinolones Combo Test96T
NOZ01Egg TestComboNeomycin/Florfenicol NF Combo Rapid Test96T
NOZ201Egg TestComboFluoroquionlones/Erythromycin FE Combo Rapid Test96T
NOZ301Egg TestComboTilmicosin/Tylosin TT Combo Rapid Test96T
NOZ101Egg TestTriTestBeta/Tetra/Sulfa Drugs, TriTest BTS Rapid Test96T
NOZ41Egg TestComboTylosin/Tilmicosin Rapid Test96T

soon available in rapid test format:

SingleAmantadine Rapid Test96T
SingleFipronil  Rapid Test96T


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